Issues that Matter to Us

Marguerite Quinn is a proven and effective state legislator – not someone who promises the world but has never delivered a single piece of legislation into law.

As a state Representative, she has delivered more state funding for education and public schools than ever before – while protecting taxpayers in Bucks County from massive income and sales tax increases. She has passed important laws to protect our environment, streamline access to healthcare, fight the opioid epidemic, and protect our open spaces and environment.

As Senator, she will continue to be an independent and effective voice, focusing on getting results on the issues we care about most…

Make Education the Top Budget Priority

Continue to improve our schools and make college and technical schools more affordable, and ensure children are prepared for success

Spark Economic and Job Growth

Leverage Bucks County’s assets – our schools, people, and infrastructure – to attract new employers and ensure our workforce has the skills needed for today and tomorrow

Protect Taxpayers

Practice practical fiscal discipline that focuses on priorities – education, public safety, job growth, and environmental protection – and ends wasteful spending and inefficiency

Keep Us Safe

Improve school safety with common sense gun measures, school safety grants, mental health reforms, fighting the opioid epidemic, and working with law enforcement to keep our families safe

Preserve Our Environment

Protect open spaces and farmland, and ensuring clean drinking water for future generations

Address Important Local Issues

Work with residents, community groups and local officials because every community in Bucks County has unique needs – from dealing with traffic to revitalizing brownfields and everything in between

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